Digital ad trust

SRI and Udecam teamed up to establish a process for certifying websites based on the quality of their advertising inventories and their context as well as on the ease of browsing for users of the site. The initiative was quickly supported by other stakeholders: advertisers (Union des Marques), publishers (GESTE), self-regulation (ARPP) and IAB. The aim of this industry-wide initiative is to boost the confidence of advertisers and users in the certified websites.


ACPM and CESP were selected to draw up the reference framework for this certification. They were drafted in conjunction with representatives from SRI, Udecam, GESTE, UDA, IAB and ARPP through workshops attended by professionals from across the industry. Following on from this collaboration on the guidelines, ACPM and CESP have been commissioned by the industry to act as third-party accreditation agents for the Digital Ad Trust certification.

This certification is awarded in strict compliance with the criteria defined by the bodies that have established it. The process involves auditing the entities that conduct the audience measurements, manual checks and automatic independent monitoring. Brand safety, viewability, fraud, the user experience and information on personal data are the major elements taken into account in evaluating the Digital Ad Trust label.

Publishers and
their sales houses

A label that recognises the quality of inventories and their context


A label based on concrete checks to give advertisers confidence in the value of their digital investments


A label based on an operational evaluation at domain level

Internet users

A label that takes into account the 2 main priorities of users: ease of browsing and respect for their privacy


For all stakeholders

A label based on objective, measurable and transparent criteria for the whole industry