Médiamétrie Radio Panel #audience

The principal objective of the radio panel is to observe people’s radio listening habits over time with the goal of feeding the data into media planning models.

The methodology adopted by Médiamétrie for the radio panel is based on recruiting people who responded to the 126,000 survey or the Summer Radio Schedule survey and applying socio-demographic quotas and radio audience quotas. CESP has confirmed that this method is justified within the framework of research into radio listening habits but that the panel data cannot be used to define audience levels (the use of audience quotas per station to recruit panellists).

The 2017/2018 panel was conducted over two observation periods: from Saturday 16 September to Sunday 8 October 2017 and from Saturday 13 January to Sunday 4 February 2018. Beginning with the first period of observation of the panel, a three-day trial period was applied to the sample which had chosen to fill in the survey online. For the sample which had chosen the traditional paper method of responding, there was no trial period. The recruitment, management and monitoring of the panel was carried out by the Médiamétrie call centre in Amiens. 

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