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Patricia SCHULTZ
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CESP continuously monitors ACPM’s ONE NEXT research, the currency study for measuring press audiences in France. Its main purpose is to measure and qualify press readership among people aged 15 or over residents in mainland France across all press formats and channels.



Chairs of the Press College

Sophie Renaud & Charles Jouvin

Studies Director at 366 / Managing Director of Marketing, Studies and Communication at Prisma Média Solutions

Next college

9 October 2019


  • To be communicated at a later date


31 May 2018


  • Summary of the ONE 2017 / ONE NEXT audit: CESP assistance with the February/March 2018 test
  • Review of the latest ONE GLOBAL 2018 V1 results
  • Feedback on the EMRO conference (26-29 May 2018)
  • Questions


Ad hoc Audits


The Premium study has been conducted by AudiPresse since 2009. It involves surveying company executives, business leaders and high-income households. The main aim of the Premium study is to measure and qualify press readership (dailies and magazines) among a specific population segment defined by ACPM: executives, self-employed white collar professionals, business leaders and individuals living in a household whose net annual income exceeds €60,000. This study also furnishes data on radio listening and TV watching habits, on the frequency of visits to press websites and on media markets.

The EMGS (Etude Médias Grand Sud) study is the eighth such study conducted by TNS Sofres on behalf of the SUD OUEST PUBLICITÉ sales house. In 2010, the geographical scope of the study was extended to the Les Journaux du Midi region. Its aim was to measure the readership of regional and local media in the publishing areas of Sud-Ouest (21 publications in the case of Sud-Ouest dailies and 14 in the case of Les Journaux du Midi). The study encompasses all persons aged 15 and over resident in the 14 departments included in the sample, a total of 5,924,000 individuals (3,572,000 for the region covered by Les Quotidiens du Sud-Ouest and 2,352,000 for Les Journaux du Midi).