366 Panel #campaign effectiveness

366 has asked CESP to audit its ‘366 # Panel’ proprietary tool that was set up and has been managed by Kantar TNS since 2015. This tool is systematically used by the sales house to conduct:

Principally post-tests to measure the effectiveness of the print and digital campaigns of their clients, but also ad hoc surveys to understand socio-cultural and consumer trends.

The sales house wanted to consolidate its clients’ confidence in this tool by asking CESP to conduct an audit of the 366 # Panel. The objectives of the audit were as follows:

To transparently and impartially describe every aspect of the methodology employed, from the recruitment of panellists to the production of results. To analyse on the basis of criteria established by CESP the key stages in rolling out the panel and conducting surveys in order to identify the strengths of the panel as well as the areas where there is room for improvement. To put forward recommendations for enhancing the set-up and the monitoring tools so that 366 and its service provider can monitor quality over time. To produce a comprehensive report and in conjunction with CESP Scientific Committee to draft a summary of the analyses carried out.

Download the full audit report